Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday 18 October

Really enjoyed the two serial days at school this week but realised the enormity of it when I led a group of year 5 children in some maths work. There was only about eight but I seemed to need to be in 16 places at once. How do teachers cope with 30? Some of the children did well but one boy did nothing all the time he was there. I explained things several times, told him to talk to his partner, who did understand, I encouraged him, but most of the time he stared into space. He has a reading age of 15 + but that is it as far as school goes for him - if it is not reading he goes off into hs little world. After the lesson the teacher gave me a couple of tips but she also got the TA to sit with him for 5 - 10 minutes to get him to do something.
After my last blog I was looking at some websites which are run by schools as a resoucre for other schools, it was recommended to me by the class teacher and i found attached to one - guess what- a blog. This one is run by the teachers though as a continuation of the resource element of the school. They even used this very site to post their blogs. I believe there was something on a radio 4 programme about blogs in school I am hoping to listen again to it sometime.


At 5:11 AM, Blogger Somabula Blog said...

I am glad you enjoyed your two days in school.

A blog is a good way to create and share stuff between schools. A wiki would be even better.


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